And so the adventure begins

I arrived safely in Lordsburg, New Mexico on May 7th and joined up with my hiking buddy Sean, aka RestStop, who arrived later that day. There was no shuttle going to the border on the 8th, but we already knew that. So the day was spent preparing our gear and food, talking to other hikers, and seeing the sights in downtown Lordsburg, which isn’t much…

Got up at 05:00 on May 9th and by 06:30 me, RestStop and 4 other hikers who were starting that day were loaded into the CDT shuttle and heading for the border. Most of the drive was on blacktop road, but but the last 20 some miles were on some pretty gnarly dirt roads. But thanks to the high-clearance Suburban and our driver Juan’s skillful driving, some three hours later we could finally put your feet on the Mexican border and kiss the Continental Divide Trail monument at Crazy Cook. After having our pictures taken and chatting with some Border Patrol officers that rolled by, we buckled up and headed out at 10:00. Ready to blaze some trail. To Canada!

Driving out to Crazy Cook

This first section from Crazy Cook to Lordsburg has been awesome. The scenery reminds me a bit of Southern California, but the area is a lot less populated. Besides from hikers and Border Patrol there aren’t many people to see out here. Fortunately for us the weather hasn’t been too hot, and we have been able to do good miles. We did 25 miles the first day already and made it back to Lordsburg in just 3 days (83 miles total, 28 miles per day). Crushing it! No blisters and only mildly sore feet, but we’re still taking a zero-day in Lordsburg to rest and resupply. We want to be careful not to overdo it in the beginning. Happy trails so far!

Click here to see the pictures (high res) on Flickr.

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