Campo to Warner Springs, mile 0 – 110

I started from the Mexican border at 08:00 on Friday May 04th together with PCT hiker Austin from Alaska. He was planning on taking it a bit slower while I was planning on going all the way to Lake Morena in one stretch, and so we parted after about an hour.

The hike to Lake Morena went really well. The temperature was actually quite nice, about 25 C. I could definitely see that I was close to the border. Border Patrol agents were all over the area, by land and by air, and every now and then I would stumble upon leftovers from people who had been moving through the area earlier. They probably weren’t PCT hikers to put it that way. The trail from Campo to Lake Morena was littered by rattle snakes. I counted 5 on the first day. I’ve attached a video of one of them at the bottom of the post.

I camped at the camp ground at Lake Morena for the first night. I hadn’t had the time to pitch my new MSR Hubba before hitting the trail, so I was happy to see that everything was in order. The following morning as I was hiking out I met up with Miles “Maverick” who’s hiking partner had to get off the trail the same morning. We hiked out together from Lake Morena and discovered that we were hiking at about the same pace, and have been hiking together all the way to Warner Springs. We stopped by in Mt. Laguna and camped at Burnt Rancheria campground for the second night.

The hiking has been going very well so far. A few blisters on the feet, but nothing other than expected. Maverick and I teamed up with Dan “Heavy” on our way from Mt. Laguna to Warner Springs. We have been hiking together for the past 2 days and are making really good miles. I am currently at just over 20 miles/day and Maverick and Heavy are about the same. There’s a record high attendance on the PCT this year and there are lots of hikers to see everywhere. Some of the hikers I’ve met so far: Maverick, Shutterbug, Dub, Heavy, Powerhouse& Amy, Texas Chill, Rob & Brian, Toc, Stone & Pika, Navi.


At the time of this writing I am relaxing and resupplying i Warner Springs. The resort that used to be here has gone bankrupt, but the local community has taken matters into their own hands and opened the community center to us PCT’ers. Sweet!

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