CDT 2015 gear list

I ended up making quite a few changes to the gear I carried on my 2015 Continental Divide Trail thru-hike compared to what I carried on my 2012 PCT thru-hike: I swapped out my MSR Hubba tent for the Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo, the Granite Gear Blaze A.C. 60 backpack was replaced by the Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60, I ditched my Arcteryx Alpha SV rain jackert in favour of the Arcteryx Alpha SL, and I replaced my Thermarest Z-Lite sleeping pad with the inflatable Neoair X-Lite. While item-for-item these changes contributed in reducing my base weight, the overall reduction was offset by the addition of rain pants, a sleeping bag liner and a space blanket, as well as a heavier camera and a heavier external battery. My base weight on the CDT ended up at 6.898 kg (15.2 lbs) my, a mere 3% (220 grams / 7.7 oz) reduction compared to my PCT 2012 gear list.

All in all though my gear worked out well for me on the CDT. As much as I want to go as light as possible I also need my comforts on trail and in camp. If I were ever to hike the CDT again I would probably start out with a similar set-up, and just update with newer and lighter options where possible. The only thing I’m really holding my breath for is for smartphone cameras to get good enough for me to ditch my dedicated camera. That alone would save me from carrying my 363 gram (12.8 oz) Canon G7X kit. But unfortunately the technology wasn’t quite there yet when I hiked in 2015.

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