Getting to the trail

I landed at LAX on Tuesday May 1st. I had to work for a while to convince the immigrations officer as she did NOT believe me when i told her that the purpose of my stay was to hike from Mexico to Canada. Only after showing her my hiking permits and explaining that the PCT was actually established by the US Congress did she finally believe me: “Welcome to the US sir!”

Trail angels Scout and Frodo (Barney and Sandy Mann)

I’ve spent two days in LA and San Diego meeting up with some friends and doing final preparations, buying gear, shipping out packages for myself. I wasn’t stressed out before I got here, but the past two days have been quite stressful. But now it is all done and I’m good and settled. I went down to trail angels Scout and Frodo in San Diego on Thursday. They thru-hiked the PCT in 2007 and have now become trail angels, helping other hikers to stage their PCT hike. On Friday morning Scout took me and Austin, another PCT hiker from Alaska, down to the border at Campo to embark on the PCT. Thank you so much, Scout and Frodo for your hospitality and for taking me to the border. This post can’t give you all the credit that you deserve. But you know it: You’re awesome! Thanks.

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