Hayduke Trail – 2016

In February of 2016 I headed for Utah to take on the 800-mile Hayduke Trail from Arches to Zion. I had already done the Continental Divide Trail the previous summer, as well as hiked 2000 km on the Te Araroa Trail between October and February. I really enjoyed the first part of the Hayduke Trail, but eventually the sheer amount of hiking I had done over the past 10 months, combined with the boredom being the only HDT hiker out there at the time, got to me and I realized that I didn’t enjoy the trail enough to want to continue. I ended up doing 400-some miles of the Hayduke Trail, from Arches to Kanab, before deciding to get off and go biking across Nevada instead. Southern Utah is awesome though, and if I hadn’t been burned out on hiking at the time I probably would have stayed on and finished it. Who knows, I might go back and wrap it up some day.

Random rants from the Hayduke Trail


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