Lordsburg to Pie Town

CDT 2015 update: The section from Lordsburg to Pie Town has brought about a nice change of scenery. Desert hiking has now been replaced by forests and the Gila river. New Mexico is definitely greener than I expected. The hiking is going very well and I’ve been able to whip out some long and good days already. Body and gear is holding up well. My only consern is the unusually low temperatures we’re experiencing. This is not a problem during the daytime, but has led to a couple of fairly cold nights which my 32 degree (Fahrenheit) sleeping bag is not really cut out for. I’ll be switching to a thicker base layer and adding a liner for my sleeping bag when I get to Grants, NM. Hopefully that will add enough degrees to my sleeping setup to allow for more comfortable sleep.

Had to get up and take a leak in the middle of the night only to see the Milky Way rising over the horizon. Pretty good for a bathroom view.

I arrived in Pie Town on the 21st and planned on staying for one day. However, the current cold spell has resulted in some serious late season snowfall in Colorado, so I figured there’s no reason to rush on. 4 days later and I am still in Pie Town. It has been a lot of fun, but now it’s time to head back to the trail. Next stop Grants, NM.

Click here to see the pictures (high res) on Flickr.

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