Photographing the Aurora Borealis

With clear skies and exceptionally good weather for this time of the year I have been following the Aurora Borealis forecasts with great interest. The Aurora has been relatively weak lately, but last night it finally happened: Strong solar winds were hitting the earth’s magnetosphere and causing a geomagnetic storm, what we see as Aurora Borealis or northern lights.

The photos below were shot along the Atlantic Road between Eide and Averøy when the Aurora Borealis was between 6 and 7 Kp in strength. All photos were shot on a Canon G7 X. Default settings were 24mm (35 mm equivalent), f/2.8, auto white balance, ISO 1600 and shutter speeds between 2 to 5 seconds depending on the scene. See the photos on Flickr if you want to see the EXIF for each photo.


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