Pie Town to Cumbres Pass

On June 10th, just over a month after I started out from the Mexican border I walked down to Cumbres Pass which marks the end of New Mexico and the start of Colorado. I’m not 100% sure of the milage, but I think I’m around mile 690 (that’s the CDT for you).

New Mexico has been a pleasant experience to me: Not too hot, not too cold. A few thunderstorms and rainshowers, but nothing too bad. I’ve definitely enjoyed it.

As I am about to head into Colorado and the San Juan Mountains the main consern seems to be the late season snowfall that landed on Colorado during May. Reports from late May and early June indicates that there was still a lot of snow in higher elevation and in the north slopes. However, the weather has been hot and humid with lots of precipitation lately. A lot of hikers have been acquiring snowshoes before heading out from Chama, but I’m putting my faith in that the age-old combination of time and temperature will have turned most of the snow into water by the time I hit the higher elevations. After a couple of rest days in Chama, NM I’m finally heading back on trail from Cumbres Pass. Super excited to continue into Colorado. All is well on the CDT. Yeehaw!

Click here to see the pictures (high res) on Flickr.

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