The Grand Canyon challenge – 2014

From the south rim to north rim of Grand Canyon. A mere 18 km as the eagle flies, but 38,5 km as the hiker hikes. 77 km and 2700 meters of elevation gain for a round trip. Do it all in one day and you’ve completed the strictly unofficial Grand Canyon challenge.

I already did the Grand Canyon Challenge once before, back in May of 2010, finishing in 20,5 hours. Back then I was pretty sure that the Grand Canyon Challenge would be a “try it once, get the t-shirt, never do it again” type of thing. But lo and behold, it’s amazing what 5.000 km of hiking and 4 years of selective memory can do to a person’s perspective. So in May of 2014 I decided hit it again. This time together with my friend Sean whom I hiked with on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2012. Finishing time: 18 hours and 30 minutes. 2 hours faster than in 2010.

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