Warner Springs to Idyllwild, mile 110 to 178

San Jacinto mountains

I started out of Warner Springs on the afternoon of May 9th wined and dined. I have been hiking with Maverick the entire time and Heavy, Michiel, Rob and Brian on sections. I can definitely see that the terrain is getting more mountainous as we get farther north, but hiking has been quite well actually. All the way up until San Jacinto that is. As soon as we hit the San Jacinto Mountains the pace really hit the floor.

Hiking along the San Jacinto ridgeline

For the past two days before reaching Idyllwild we have been following the ridgeline of the San Jacinto’s. Although the views have been spectacular we haven’t been moving as far as anticipated. Only at about 2 miles an hour. The scenery is great though, and we’ve experienced the most beatiful views of Palm Springs and the San Jacinto Mountains, by day and by night.

Lee, Maverick, Richard and me

As we reached Idyllwild, CA late on Saturday night me and Maverick bumped into Lee and Richard from San Diego. They were hiking down from San Jacinto and were very kind and offered us a ride from the parking lot and into town. They even bought us pizza and beer. Just what we needed after our 3 day hike from Warner Springs to Idyllwild! Lee and Richard: You’ve just been promoted to trail angels.

Brian, Maverick and Rob in Idyllwild

We decided to take a zero day (zero miles of hiking) and spent all of Sunday just hanging around in Idyllwild. Showers, real food and resupplying. Life is good. Just have to careful not to be sucked into the sweet life of the trail towns. It is definitely time to get back on the trail. Picked up my package at the post office and am now getting ready to hike up to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto.


PS: I have some problems uploading photos from my camera, but I will be adding more photos as soon as I get access to a decent PC.

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